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    v2.0.1 released

    Added feature for using the tool in a distributed computing environment. (See here for details: Fixed an issue that could cause increased memory usage and runtimes in certain cases. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when...
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    v2.0.0 released

    Added the sensitivity modes --very-sensitive and --ultra-sensitive. Both modes are designed for finding distant hits of <40% identity with a sensitivity similar to BLAST, with the ultra-sensitive mode being the slightly more sensitive mode. The --block-size/-b parameter is set to 0.4 and the...
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    v0.9.36 released

    Fixed a bug that could cause makedb to produce invalid database files when using taxonomy features. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when running in query-indexed mode.
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    v0.9.35 released

    Fixed a bug in diamond view that would cause high memory usage and erroneous output. Reduced the use of temporary disk space. Fixed a database compatibility issue with big endian architectures. Fixed a bug that would cause a crash for query sequences shorter than 5 letters in blastx mode. Fixed...
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    Feature requests

    Please use this forum to provide your ideas for missing features and possible improvements. This includes small additions and broader perspectives for future development.
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    Community website

    Welcome to the new community website for the popular open source protein alignment tool Diamond. Having been published in 2015, Diamond has become a widely used tool in the bioinformatics community with 881 citations in scientific literature to date. Many users have contributed to making...