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    --unal (0,1) question

    For unaligned sequences, will it be reported in the BLAST tabular format? I tried to use the --unal 1 with -f 6, but it doesn't show the unaligned sequences.
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    Memory cost problem in makedb

    I am trying to make database with taxonmap. Here is my code: sudo diamond makedb --in /mnt/e/blastdb/nr_database/nr --db nr --taxonmap /mnt/e/diamond/prot.accession2taxid --taxonnames /mnt/e/diamond/taxdmp/names.dmp --threads 4 --taxonnodes /mnt/e/diamond/taxdmp/nodes.dmp Is there any way...
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    Question about --taxonlist

    I was trying to do blastp for about 2000 protein sequences against nr database. Specifically, I want to blast with bacteria protei, so I used --taxonlist 2. However, it only returned about 900 results. To make sure what happened with the sequences which are not showed on the results, I tested 2...