Tutorial - Insufficient arguments


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I am trying to follow the diamond tutorial. I can download the .fa file and create the database. When I try to run a modified diamond blastp command I get an error massage reading : "Insufficient arguments. Use diamond -h for help."
I modified the command in the following way:
diamond blastp -q astral-scopedom-seqres-gd-sel-gs-bib-40-2.07.fa -d astral40 -o out.tsv --sensitive
I did this because I am working in a university-account that provides me with diamond version 0.7.11. which doesn't support the command --very-sensitive.
I am working in a directory that I created to follow the tutorial and contains the astral-scopedom-seqres-gd-sel-gs-bib-40-2.07.fa file and the database created from it.
Are the arguments provided with my command actually insuffisient or might there be a different reason for the error?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Benjamin Buchfink

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This version is very old and I would recommend to upgrade. But if you must, you need to use -a instead of -o and will get a DAA output file, so you will need to use diamond view to get text output from that.